Dramas and Lola

Little Women and Lola

Beautifully shot Kdrama is beautifully shot. Little Women’s cinematography is enough to keep me watching this drama. I can never look away while watching. Check out some of my favorite shots from episodes 5-8!


Kdramas I Love But No One Else Seems To… PT. 2

It’s back already!! The second installment of my new project where I showcase Kdramas I love but no else seems to! Or Kdramas I believe are underrated and no one checked for but me! I have a few more Kdramas for you to check out here that I’m not sure are the best dramas of all-time or maybe they are, but I do know that I enjoyed them! (You may also see the recurrence of some of my favorite actresses and actors)!

Let me know if you’ve seen any of these Kdramas! You can also let me know if you hated them or loved them like me!


Kdramas I Love But No One Else Seems To… PT. I

Here I submit to you a longstanding project of mine that I’ve been ruminating on for years. Looking at the catalogue of Kdramas I’ve watched over the past 15 years, I decided to pull from that list Kdramas that I remember loving with all my heart after finishing, but when I looked around for someone to fangirl with about them, no one seemed to be there.

I don’t know if these are Kdramas that I consider underrated or Kdramas that weren’t that good and I’m just delusional about about them, but either way, I have enough Kdramas like these to satisfy a multi-part project! So, if you like this at all let me know. Also, let me know if you’ve watched any of these dramas and what you thought about them! Or if you would like to watch any of these, let me know that too!

This project is affectionately titled “Ain’t Nobody Checking For You, But I Am.”


Pachinko Chapter 4

Pachinko chapter 4 or episode 4 is a cinematic masterpiece. I haven’t watched something so unbelievably beautiful, moving, and perfectly executed on a moving screen in years. This episode alone is the best thing about this series. I have rewatched it multiple times and can’t tell you the last time I’ve done that with an episode of a show! I was left breathless after finishing it and don’t really know how this series will top this one episode! Can it get better than episode 4?!


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 15

Twenty-Five Twenty-One’s episode 15 solidified for me that this is my favorite drama of the year right now! This is the drama to beat for me. This story is beautiful. I am already missing them.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 11

Yes, I’m still in love with this drama. I won’t shut up about it because I really underestimated it in the beginning and have to atone for my sin! But it’s an excellent example of what it looks like when a story trusts its characters and relies heavily on them to tell an amazing story!


Kill Heel Episode 4

I don’t know if I’m the only one watching this new drama, but I need someone to join me in the messiness of it! I was unsure while watching the first episode if this was going to be one to keep on my watchlist, but by the end of it…I was hooked! The setting of a home shopping network and its seemingly cutthroat ways has been more interesting than I thought it would be!


Yes, Twenty-Five Twenty-One Again

I don’t know what it is about this drama, but it has grown on me. I am so invested in all of the characters and I’m loving the slow burn between Hee Do and Yi Jin. In Episode 8, there was one montage scene that had my whole heart. It was the way Hee Do began to realize her feelings of inadequacy in the face of Yi Jin, while he wrestles with how she is starting to view him. And the song in this scene, Wonstein’s “Your Existence” is my favorite OST track this year so far!


Business Proposal Meet-Cute

Yes! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a traditional meet-cute scene. It was adorable and I’m already rooting for these two! I think Business Proposal is going to be a fun one, the old school rom-com elements are in full-force, the cinematography won’t let you forget it’s based on a webtoon, and I think I’m loving it.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 Moments

Twenty-Five Twenty-One has officially grown on me! I wasn’t sure after the first few episodes if I wanted to stick this drama out. However, after episodes 5&6, it became clear that this drama is a good one. Episodes 5&6 were definitely the best so far and it has me excited for the next episodes!


Throwing it Back w/ Lola

Who remembers Queen In-Hyun’s Man?! This drama was a sleeper hit in 2012! The greatest strength of this drama wasn’t necessarily the story (though I enjoyed this time-travel romance), it was definitely the relationship and chemistry between our leads. Their chemistry was so explosive that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na started dating in real life after filming!


38 Screen Captures of Thirty-Nine

After starting Thirty Nine this week, I had to take a moment to capture some of the beautiful moments of my first favorite couple of the year. I couldn’t look away from Mi Jo and Seon U and had to share how adorable, honest and refreshing their relationship is already. These are only screen captures from episode one, so that should tell you something.


Poppin’ Scenes of the Week

Presenting Poppin’ Scenes of the Week! I want to start highlighting more moments in Kdramas that are lovely and sweet or sad and beautiful or just plain funny! First up for this series is Twenty Five Twenty One and Forecasting Love and Weather.



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