6 Degrees of Kdrama Separation

One of my favorite games to play as someone who loved films growing up was Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and Six Degrees of Separation. I also find myself playing with Kdrama actors all the time but never officially. So, I created a way to do so using social media. I’ve provided a template to use for IG stories, so please play and share via Instagram! Also, tag me so I can see your results and because I would like to pick one to highlight in a special way!

See the rules featured on the image below, but know the point of the game is not get to the end goal the quickest. Instead, you should find a path that takes you around a long way and includes 6 different actors. The final and 6th actor should be in the final drama with the ending Kdrama actor (Kang Ha Neul). While playing, I hope you’ll find some actors you’ve forgotten about or find some dramas you want to watch but didn’t know about! Have fun! Tag me where you can and tag a friend to play too! I’ll post my answers a week from today! If you like this, then I’ll post these more often!

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