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Join me in my desperate attempt to make friends with other Kdrama lovers! I hope you stick around to hear my musings and ramblings on all things Korean dramas and more! It’s really my idea of how perhaps a conversation with a friend who also watches Kdramas would go. So please come listen and be my kdrama-watcher friend!

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Adamas and Big Mouth First Impressions

Today’s episode is my first impressions of the latest Disney+ dramas starring two of my absolute favorite actors of all time! We have Ji Sung’s follow-up drama after starring in my favorite Kdrama of 2021 and Lee Jong Suk’s return to Kdramaland after completion of his military service. Prison, murder, mystery, and large amounts of money are commonalities in both dramas, but I must say I think one of these dramas is currently doing a much better job telling its story! Come have a listen to find out which one I would recommend you start today!

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A Quick Pop-Off: Remarriage and Desires

Today’s episode is another quick pop-off one and this time it’s about Remarriage and Desires! This soap opera of a short drama was a messy ride and I surprised myself by binging it in one go! Listen to me give some quick thoughts on this drama and find out if I recommend it!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo First Impressions

Today’s episode is another first impressions and this time it’s of the newest law drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. It didn’t take me long into the first episode of the drama to realize that this was going to be a lovely one to watch! Check out my first impressions episode to listen to me cheer on Woo Young Woo and swoon over Lee Jun Ho!

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Alchemy of Souls First Impressions

Today’s episode is an episode one recap and first impressions of Alchemy of Souls! This is the return of the Hong Sisters and that was enough for me to be excited! Alchemy of Souls has all your favorite things about the Hong Sisters’ writing–fantasy, romance, and beautiful leads with amazing chemistry. What could go wrong, right?! Listen to this episode for a recap of the story setup (because it is a lot), but also hear if this is one I’ll be sticking with!

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