Green Mothers’ Club

Green Mothers’ Club has to be one of my favorite Kdramas at the moment. I find myself always caught up with this drama, never an episode behind and that’s fascinating to me because I jumped into this drama on a whim. I’m so glad I decided to check it out. It’s a familiar tale of mothers in a competitive neighborhood doing everything they can to support their young children in being the best in school they can be. However, the real draw to this story isn’t the mothers and their relationship with their children, but their flawed selves slowly discovering they are failing in their roles as a mother because they haven’t really addressed who they are as women. It’s lovely to watch these adult women with children and husbands reveal how difficult it is to just exist yet alone exist for others.

I think this drama is just a beautiful examination of what it looks like to be someone struggling with becoming the best version of yourself in hopes of being the best you can be for others.

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