What is Lola Watching?!

Not a big fan of exes to lovers again…so, currently not rooting for the leads to get back together, but I am still loving the interesting divorce cases!
I am still debating if I should keep this one…left me all kinds of confused with the messiness of the first two episodes and I don’t know if it’s getting better…
The cutest thing out right now! These two have my heart!
I don’t have any explanation on how I became the last man standing watching this one…but I think it’s mostly because I think I like this drama as much as I hate it!!
Episodes 1-5 had me falling asleep, but stuck it out to get to Son Suk Ku and it’s been worth it ever since!
What do you want me to say? They made this for me, I can tell…
Why am I not loving it anymore?! These part twos…it lost its momentum for me after part one!
I’m struggling…it’s a little or a lot over my head! I don’t care about money enough for this! But also, it’s fast-paced and I love the found-family aspect…so I guess I’m sticking around.
Back for the torture…let’s go!
It’s getting good. Acting is still questionable, but it’ll do.
Simple and sugary-sweet!

2 responses to “What is Lola Watching?!”

  1. I can’t wait for Crash Course in Romance to end so that I can binge it like a madman LOL. You’re following so many dramas, amazing!! I need to step up my game, I am watching too many old dramas haha.

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    • Crash Course in Romance is beyond wonderful right now! It has completely taken me over! You’re going to love it! I also don’t know how I’m keeping up with them all! Sometimes I get behind really bad and then one random day catch up with them all before they end! LOL! I would love to have more time to watch older dramas!


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