Throwing It Back w/Lola: Dong Yi (feat. a special guest)

This week’s episode is a Throwing It Back one! I’ve only done one other Throwing It Back episode and it was for one of my favorite dramas, Marriage Not Dating (check out EP#25 from S2)! But this episode is for another favorite of mine, Dong Yi, a sageuk from 2010 with 60 episodes! Also, this episode is super special because I am joined by a friend of mine, Squash, who isn’t a fan of historical Kdramas but graciously signed on to watch Dong Yi with me. Listen now to hear us go over the first 30 episodes of Dong Yi and discuss what we like and dislike so far. Also, brace yourself for some giggling and rambling and a dog barking! But mostly, enjoy us giving you the rundown on this lovely sageuk!

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