Lola’s Ramblings & Musings – The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Oasis, Our Blooming Youth, Call It Love, Duty After School, Eighth Sense, and more!

Today’s episode is long overdue, so forgive me, but it is packed with goodies! In this Ramblings & Musings episode, I catch you up on how I’m feeling about some recently finished dramas and some new currently airing ones. I finally address what my issues are Our Blooming Youth and Oasis. I also rant and rave about Duty After School, after randomly starting it! So, if you want to hear about those dramas and much more, please check out this episode! There are also timestamps if you want to jump around and only listen to what interests you the most, so do use those to navigate these ramblings and musings. Side Note: Please forgive my voice in this episode, I chose to record this episode after going to a K-pop concert where I screamed my head off, so yeah…there’s that… There are also some weird audio issues that I didn’t catch until after recording, so please for that as well! You should still be able to hear me rambling and musing just fine!!

Housekeeping/intro: (00:00-06:40)

Dramas I’m finishing or finished: Big Bet- (06:40-11:36) Kokdu- (11:36-14:03) Heavenly Idol- (14:05-18:07) Our Blooming Youth- (18:08-26:48) Call It Love- (26:48-29:50)

Dramas I’m currently watching: The Secret Romantic Guesthouse- (29:51-43:25) Oasis – (43:26-1:00:03)

Dramas I Hope to Check out: The Real Has Come- (1:00:04-1:01:12) Duty After School-(1:01:13-1:07:40) Joseon Attorney- (1:07:41-1:09:58)

BL shoutout – (1:10:00-1:16:59)

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