The 2nd Annual Lola Pops Off about KDramas Awards (Video Version)

(S2) EP#70 (100th Episode!): The 2nd Annual Lola Pops Off about KDramas Awards (Video Version) Lola Pops Off about KDramas

Today’s episode is my final episode of 2022! It’s also My 100th Episode of my little podcast and that alone calls for a celebration! But the real highlight is having the opportunity to look back over my year of Kdramas and remember and reminisce about the stories and characters I adored and that now mean so much to me. It’s also the chance to look back over the dramas that broke my heart and disappointed me! But mostly, it’s the place where I thank you all for listening and joining me this year here at my podcast. So, as much as I enjoyed making this episode, I hope you enjoy listening and…WATCHING! Just like my awards episode last year, this episode is accompanied by a video. So, please, please watch along as you listen! Thank you, thank you, thank you 100 times for being one of the best parts of my year this year alongside so many wonderful Kdramas! Now on to the episode! P.S. Just know that this episode does not at all touch on half of the dramas I watched this year…I outdid myself with finishing around 20 more dramas than I did last year! P.P.S Some dramas were not featured in this episode because I was still watching at the time of making this episode, so they will be included in next year’s ceremony! See you then! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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