Semantic Error has my heart!

Semantic Error was as adorable as they come. Considering the last few BL dramas I’ve watched, alongside Light on Me and the Jdrama BL My Love Mix-Up, this one is right up there as my favorite in the most recent years. Semantic Error comes from WATCHA after their lovely Light on Me and I’m convinced WATCHA has found the formula to a successful and entertaining BL drama.

That formula looks to include:

  • Gorgeous and talented new actors on the scene
  • Chemistry between said actors that is through the roof and tooth-rottenly sweet
  • A simple story that can be easily told without much hiccups or hoopla and where the focus is on the chemistry of the characters

That’s enough for me in my BL! I like a good, sweet story that can be told in its short runtime. The more you complicate a story and squeeze it in seven or eight 20-minute episodes, the more likely you are to disappoint me. So, if you are going to keep it short, keep it cute! But even with that all being said, I can’t wait until we get a 16/20 episode BL Kdrama that isn’t pared down!

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