Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Lola

The start of episode 4 vs. the end of episode 4. Though the beginning of this episode is from episode 3, it being shown at the start of this episode in a quick flashback was very poignant to me. That scene showed a moment where Hee Do wanted Yi Jin to simply say to her that in the struggle that is her relationship with Yu Rim, Yu Rim is in the wrong. That Yu Rim is the person at fault for all the turmoil that is their relationship. However, Yi Jin fumbles this opportunity to support Hee Do. He doesn’t swoop in and says whatever she needs to hear at that moment but instead finds a way to disappoint Hee Do.

But in contrast, the final scene of episode 4 is a complete 180 of that moment. Instead, it’s Hee Do questioning Yi Jin on his undeniable support of her in her dreams of being a gold medalist fencer. She wonders why he supports her when her own mother does not. This is wonderful to see. At this moment, one that actually matters when it comes to things she really needs support in, Yi Jin is there to do just that. And because this appears to me like the opposite of that opening moment in this episode, it helps reveal how important this moment is for their relationship. It shows Yi Jin supporting Hee Do in the thing that she values most.

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