10 Kdrama Couples in the Last 10 Years You Should Love!

music by Collin Lim

Queen In-Hyun’s Man, 2012

The time-traveling couple that had so much chemistry the actors began to date after filming.

I Hear Your Voice, 2013

A noona romance for the ages.

Can We Love?, 2014

A soap opera of a Kdrama but at least it had one mature and refreshing couple.

Valid Love, 2015

Trigger warning for infidelity. But definitely one of the most beautiful dramas I’ve ever watched. (One of Lola’s top 5 Kdramas of all time).

High Society, 2015

This drama is not that good at all! But Ji Yi is one of the best girl characters ever written in Kdrama and her chemistry with Chang Soo is undeniable. These two made this drama a must watch!

One More Happy Ending, 2016

Single father and former Kpop girl group idol. Yes, please.

Lucky Romance, 2016

Watching Soo Ho fall in love with Bo Nui is one of the cutest things I’ve ever watched. It’s cotton-candy sweet.

Touch Your Heart, 2019

Oh, how do I count thee times these two have made me swoon? Their chemistry is so undeniable they had to give these two another drama to solidify it.

Kiss Goblin, 2020

Kdrama web series couple with all the heart and chemistry one could ever ask for.

The Devil Judge, 2021

Yes, I know…not technically a traditional couple in the traditional Kdrama sense, but their love was palpable.

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