Will I? Will You? Won’t I? Won’t You?

2022 has begun, and our choices of new Kdramas are never-ending. Just when I think I can have a break and regroup from a fantastic year of dramas, I get to the end of January and have a peek at all that will be airing in February, and my time of rest is over!

In my latest podcast episode (go have a listen!), I parse through some synopses and teaser trailers of upcoming dramas to figure out all that I will be watching and all that I won’t be watching in February! February happens to be my birthday month, so I expect great things for dramas to honor my birth! That’s not a hard ask, is it?!

So, take a look here in this post to see the dramas I discussed in my podcast, and let me know what you will and won’t be watching in February!

2 responses to “Will I? Will You? Won’t I? Won’t You?”

  1. Definitely watching All of Us Are Dead but I think I’ll probably tune in for Forecasting Love and Weather and Juvenile Justice if I have enough time. *-*


    • I am so scared to watch All of Us Are Dead, but I know it will be a good one! Hoping you have time for Juvenile Justice, I think that one will also be good. Now, Forecasting Love and Weather, I’ll check it out for you and let you know if it’s worth your time!

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