The Devil Judge and Lola!

How many times have I watched this scene from episode 9 of The Devil Judge? I’ve lost count. If you’re familiar with this drama and this very moment in the drama, it was probably this moment that you (like I) realized we were watching a love story and the beginning of their odd family taking shape. Oh, no? Was that just me? Okay, well, this scene revealed that to me. I knew I saw Ji Sung’s “falling-in-love face” in earlier episodes, but I wasn’t sure. However, this moment confirmed it. What?! You still aren’t buying it? Well, maybe this scene from episode 12 will convince you!

Still no?! Okay, maybe this line said by Ji Sung’s Kang Yo-Han after this reverie scene ends: “It’s okay if humanity gets destroyed, as long as I have you two.”

No? Come on, that is the most loving thing someone can say! Or at least it is, for someone who is keen on destroying humanity and watching the world burn. Either way, Kang Yo-Han having moments where he visualizes or dreams of what it would be like to have Elijah and Ga-On under one roof—as he smiles lovingly at them while laughing at their antics—just means that Yo-Han loves them both dearly. Their little family they created unknowingly and the dissolution of it, in the matter of an episode, is what’s kept me the most enamored with this drama. I’m a sucker for found family and when I spot a good one, I stick around for the long haul!

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